With the tides of incoherence receding, the inner world of the █████████ begins to reveal its history.

To offset the darkness of EP3, this update added new friends, places and mysteries outside the embassy to

This also features a song by Oliver Buckland, which you can hear once you’ve saved a few friends!!

The amount of new things is more in line with an EP, but we’re still calling it ADD1 since it isn’t directly progressing ██████’s story.

New stuff is all over the place in this update - many non-embassy pages have new things to discover, especially under certain circumstances… What’s new may not immediately make itself clear. It’s that kind of update. Less about a linear “quest” to follow, and more about making the world feel more alive and contentious.

If you feel lost, or aren’t sure where to start or where it ends, that’s OK! Just know there’s plenty to find in the dark, and that some “threads” don’t completely resolve yet.