State of EP3ADD1

This is an adaptation of a post from my Cohost page.

hello friends!!

it’s been a bit since i shared some news on EP3ADD1… and some other developments have been planned afterwards, too! so I wanted to get everything happening in the near future in one place…

a doorway of light surrounded with a vortex of CYMK colors attached to a grid

so!! here is basically an Ordered List of my priorities! naturally things are subject to change (i.e. remember when I said EP3ADD1 wouldn’t take multiple months that one time?) but it should give you an idea of where we’re headed!!


we're in a good state with this. ALMOST freaking there. I originally planned for the 30th, but it might take another week to get finished... content finalization aside, there is a, let's say, "Third Party" artist i am working with who may also benefit from a little more time since they were bogged down with other stuff for a while... we'll see! within the next few weeks for sure, regardless

anyway just know EP3ADD1 is pretty dang close and is kind of a little loop back to the chaotic energy of EP0! like the memory hole, it sets the groundwork for another avenue--a different kind of exploration! it's not da biggest thing in the world but i find it exciting, and it will make the corrucyst as a world feel much richer

(as of moving this post to da news on October 16th, it's now more than a few weeks. FUCK! but believe me when I say it'll be worth it... besides, the extra time actually ended up making the update way bigger. I literally think it's bigger than EP0 and EP1 combined now, and it's in a cool non-linear way too)

2) meta stuff (kofi,, OSS?)

over the dev of E3A1 i've been talking with da crew, with da fans, with a lotta people about the future of so before I continue onto E3A2, I want to take care of this stuff first!


I have a page right now, but I want to set it up to take memberships. they'll be pretty minor and not have a ton of perks - a role in the corrucord, and your name in a little 'supporters' area of the site. current plan is for there to be a "current supporters" section, and a "past supporters" so that everyone gets credited for their support even if it was a one off!! I'll probably have to write a little thing with their API to make this happen but it shouldn't be a big deal!

this is a domain I picked up after an ask came in because it was such a good idea... basically, i post in a lot of different social sites for different purposes - twitter for updates only, neocities for shitposts sometimes, cohost for both... this would just be a little self-hosted jekyll site or something where i post everything important so that people don't have to watch a bunch of different sites for corru news! with RSS feed support too! from that point on, I'll just post updates there and then link out to them from socials. corru.centralization is coming

open source!

this is a recent convo that came up in the corrucord the other day that's really been stewing in my mind... someone suggested that we could make's code open source, but retain the copyright of the assets/story!

the benefits this would have are enormous - we could have a public repo, modders could make stuff more easily, people could submit bug fixes and features as pull requests instead of waiting for me to fix them (sometimes people send me pseudocode to fix things)... and people could theoretically use the framework for their own sites! (Insane People Only)

naturally, the legal part of that makes me antsy... like we'd have to make sure people aren't allowed to just re-host outright, that other people still can't go out and make/sell stuff, and make it clear that if you add in code, we're legally allowed to theoretically sell it (kinda like how Bitburner does it, an example I was given) in the event of a future desktop version

it's also unlikely that we'd take pull requests that add story content, only ones that improve systems or fix stuff... but there are things I'm planning for ADD2 that may benefit from fan ideas and submissions!!

lots of grey there right now. no guarantee it's gonna happen. but it all sure sounds freaking cool!! i just gotta make time to figure the nitty gritty out with a lawyer or something


my goal was to do both ADD1 and ADD2 before year end, and that MIGHT still happen... we'll see. November is a powerful and oppressive entity that can destroy the souls of everyone at my job each year, so that's the wildcard. but I'll have time, especially when things lighten up in December

no freaking spoilers for this one but i want to add some 'repeatable content' - notably something that lets people experiment with the augment system more than EP3 currently allows...

n̷͎̜͙̟̏̊́͛o̴͓͈̖͔͝ ̶̩̓̃̅̂v̴̛̥̱̇̌̎̈́͝ǫ̸̫̓̽ ̴͊͂̍̚ͅv̴̧̲̜̀̃̌͋́͗e̴̝̅̓̂̑͝ ̷͎̦̖̠̣̦͠è̴̼m̸̢̲̫̒̔͑͋̇ ̷͉͈͓̝̰͒̈́m̷̛̱̈͐̌ ̴̪̿̉̄͐b̷̧̜̓̏̄͒e̷͇̺̾͋͗r̷̳̥̝̘̯̀ ̷̧̛̼͙̮̾͌͜ͅv̶̰̰̳͔́̈́̍̋͝n̸͙̗͈͋̓̐̂͝ň̴̨̡̛̘̙̮͂͗̓̎novm̷̧͕͍̰͑e̵̛͇͆̑̂̑̇b̵͚͎̏͊novem̷̘̾̓ḅ̷̠̍̎̕e̸̛̳͔̰͕̘̐̒̽̂́r̴̛̹̂͠ͅ

I will be tortured for a month straight. (time dilation extending it 500,000,000 years for me)

dev likely stops for this month except during small breaks (this year always has the chance of being lighter than previous ones, but i'm not expecting that)


EP4's dev will depend on ADD2 being done and the sheer brutality of the November Torture Vortex, but chances are it'll have an early 2024 release - can't give a solid date, but just ballparking it, maybe like march... we'll see!! it will conclude the "embassy arc", so it must be handled with care!

ok thanks for coming to the shareholders meeting thats all ty ty ty see ya soon wewewwwaawaawa