Corru Jobs-Over

A New Era

hello, everyone! I wanted to let you know that, in a remarkably quick and unexpected turn of events, I no longer have a job! wow! it’s toast! WTF! the company went freaking bankrupt!

what does this mean for corru?

as the person, corru “” corruworks, my time availability has skyrocketed, and the major stressor in my life is gone. cool? I also have some savings and support, so I can safely lean into the corru works for at least the next 4 months. awesome!! after that… we’ll see! it’d be cool to keep going solo, but rent is rent. I have a lot of contacts from my job who are all quick to offer help in finding a new position, so I’ll be fine one way or another. don’t worry about me!

as for the funny little website I make - - I’m going to be taking this opportunity to lean into it fully, like I’ve been wanting to for a while. embracing the corru.jobserver, if you will. I’m giddy, but pretty anxious at the same time… this has never been an option before. where will it go? will it speed things up and make things better? we have only one way to find out! what better time to take a chance?

there will be a slight delay in dev at the start of this, since there’s now a bunch of extra stuff I have to figure out post-termination, and a lot of things have been thrown up in the air… but it won’t be super long before I’m reorganized, and it’s open skies afterwards! EP3ADD2, EP4, and beyond!!

funds + da future

all said, given that this focus-enabling financial stability I have now is temporary, I should mention that if you have any interest in helping to prolong this experiment, you can buy the corru OST on my bandcamp, or support me on ko-fi! this is not me calling urgently for assistance, either, feel no obligation - I’ll be fine with or without support for a while, and there’ll be other corru things coming in time to help. I have a lot of time to figure this stuff out, now.

despite C.O being in side-development for technically nearly two years at this point (started in Feb 2022), it feels like the journey is at the top of a rollercoaster ride, about to do some crazy loops and stuff… so thank you all for being here with me!! I think I have said this every time, but it always amazes me that so many people are interested in my work! let’s get fucking crazy. SEE U SOON