The Fund Friends Arrive

hello everyone!! exciting news! have YOU ever wanted to support da development of the corru world? you could before, but now you can get something out of it! now has ko-fi memberships! it’s like patreon but less evil! you can get in credits and stuff if you join in! details below!

Ko-Fi Tier Details
  • there are two tiers:
    • $2+: Effigy, where you get a fancy discord role and access to occasional non-spoiler WIPs while we’re working on stuff!
      • this doesn’t get you in the credits, so people who want to support, but DON’T want to be shown publicly on our projects could use this instead. is this necessary? idk… i thought it’d be a nice option. we may end up removing it if nobody uses it!
    • $5+: Fundfriend, where you get the above, but also your Ko-Fi display name permanently shows in the credits of our work, even if you stop subscribing!
      • while your subscription is active, you’ll get an icon that appears more prominently in the system menu as well!

both the credit and role parts are totally automatic, so no messages required once you start. and if you ever want me to remove you from the visible list for any reason, just send a message on ko-fi!

also, if you donated before i set up the memberships, send a message on ko-fi and i'll get you in as a "past supporter" (an honorary Fundfriend)


a while back, in a somewhat unhinged Cohost post i wrote in the midst of a spike in my job-hating meter, i talked about this, and it’s still relevant: (paraphrased)

my literal freaking pie-in-the-sky daydream is being able to work on full-time - better music, more art, more consistent updates, faster, with more content... god, could you even imagine what we could do if i was free of the Lv. 99 SOUL DRAIN from my job?

the RPG system was made in just a few days off I had during the holidays. EP0's content--excluding the site base which took longer to set up--was made in a two week vacation where i treated it like a job that had to get done... think about it! there's 26 of those things in a year!!

delusional? perhaps… but i would be a fool not to try! even if we don’t quite get that far, any support will help pay for music + art commissions for the website. working with Mista Buckland was really cool, and i’m planning on getting more people involved, even if it’s just for a track or graphic here and there!

Subject 2 Change

that said, this style of interaction - where there’s money involved - is pretty new for me, so we’ll see how it goes with sharing WIP work and exclusive things.

I really don’t want to divide people based on what they know or don’t, what they can share or can’t with other enjoyers of corru, etc etc, so consider this a test run… maybe we make it a thing where subscribers see stuff that we’re going to share regardless, just earlier? idk, we’ll figure this out!

right now, I’m treating it as a “bonus” for the members rather than a main feature of the support. so, as a supporter, you can expect to see a cryptic (but telling in some way) teaser of something every few weeks.

anyway, even if we eventually change stuff around, the credits part will always stay no matter what, because I think it’s really cool!

ok byeee!!