The Advent of November

hello friends! i found a scratched up note underneath my door this morning, apparently left by my predecessor, and i have transcribed the readable parts for you! not sure what to make of it!

The Pact Must Be Paid

██████ ████ █████ █ ███████ ██ ██ ████ ███. (ILLEGIBLE) dev████me█t will s██w or stop, ██ it has every p███ November, cursed t█rt█re█month that i█ is: the doors van█sh, and light st█ps█com███ through th█ windows. ██ ███ █ark, every shado██awakens, coag█lating into hideous blobs and shrieking co█mands, imagining new tasks each second and breathlessly shouting them with "██GE█T! URGE█T!! RUSH█!█" deadlin█s. (transcribing note: i think some kinda dark wine or something got on this paragraph)

██ unf█rtun█te rep█ace█ent - li██ me, you will be left gibbering madly at this te█rible █achine for weeks, hunched over and toiling to ensure as much meaningless, ravenous consumption as physically possible is carried out on █████ ██████, with little to no gain to yourself - only the slightest chance of reduced pain in the distant future. your starving dreams will huddle in the corner and shield their eyes from what you will become. you will want to scream for help, for it to stop - don't. if y██ ██ ████ ████ ████ ██ ██ ████ █████ (transcribing note: this part was scratched out lol?)

this is our pact. the price we pay for the sparse freedom we are afforded. a strangled trickle of life for eleven months, to a ratio of one month of death. is it really worth it? how many more will we survive? will you? (transcribing note: ??? wtf happened in 2022)

don't bother trying to cover the windows - it makes it worse. don't turn your eyes from the machine or they'll change things and screw up whatever you were working on. don't bother trying to escape - there's no escape for anyone, and whatever's out there is far worse than the machine. and no matter what, no matter how bad it gets, DO. NOT. SCREAM. good luck and happy thanksgiving (transcribing note: :P ok stupid thanks for nothing)

LOL! wtf? that’s kinda fucked up! i wonder what they were going through last november! i don’t think this one is going to be that bad… but thanks for the note i guess. hey look at this cool gif

floating walls and a table in a purple ripply void - this is what my room looks like during november

anyway, thank you all for the kindness and interest this year!!! the amount of new people discovering and enjoying over the past few updates has been incredible, even if my progress is slower than i would have liked! i projected being further along by now… but i never accounted for taking a break, which i needed after EP3, so, ya know.

that said, EP3ADD1 is still solid and will be launched as soon as it can - for those not in the loop, it is feature complete, but we have been taking a little longer with it for a special thingy. even if it’s in the middle of the purported “november torture vortex,” we’ll get it out the second the last pieces fall into place! we may also reorganize some stuff to make it happen sooner, we’ll see… but basically, whenever it launches, it’ll be a surprise explosive punctuation to the silence! (also, don’t they say something like “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” go play Alan Wake 2 or something and forget about this website dude)

further developments are continuing as well! EP3ADD2 will still be happening, because i think it’s too fun of an idea to skip, and we’ve got some Wicked plans… when all is said and done, i think these two ADDs are gonna be real cool steps in da website’s life.

ok, that’s all! bye bye! stay safe! and beware november