PHYS::0 is now open with the first merch!! check it out!

PHYS 0 over white backgrounda black shirt with the door, a psychadelic button shirt with teh unity pattern, a cool white hoodie (also in black) with a design of akizet, a black cap with incoherent on it, and a cloud/unity design bucket hatpillows and coasters with the funfriend and proxyfriend designart prints of the void and their city area

why? makes no money through the game itself, so I’ve been trying to find more ways to help fund it (and full-time… this seemed like a logical step!!

where are the tiny accessories!! stickers! lapel pins!! wtf!!

sorry!! I didn’t like what Fourthwall (merch provider) had to offer for stickers, and the pins have sale minimums, so I wanna make sure we can actually hit those before I give them a shot… but in time!!