there’s now a zone! wow!!! and it’s got a feed!!

subject to change and what-not, but it’s good enough for now…

i went ahead and added a bunch of historical posts on the days that different things dropped, so that it can be like an official timeline! cool!

also… since you’re here! i have a DEVILISH plan coming into effect as soon as we’re able to launch EP3ADD1… (there’s just that one thing we’re waiting on still but it’s gonna be worth it) (it’s not holding up further dev on anything else, so we good)

Money Stuff... View If You Dare...

soon, we'll have a ko-fi membership thingy for with two tiers! it'll mostly be a 'tip jar', but we're planning on sharing more WIP stuff to members once it gets going. also, you'll get a discord role!

but the second tier... FUNDFRIEND!! WOW!! it's gonna get your (ko-fi display) name in the credits. permanently! automatically, even!

(of course, if you want to support us, but don't want your name to show up, you can just do first tier - it won't do this stuff and there's gonna be no other difference)

a list of credits and names for the website - as architect, pocl.v and jakkrabbitart as artists, shaman and red as editors and writing support. there are also some 'fundfriends' with random weird names next to glyphs generated from their names
is "architect" really pretentious? is that fucked up to write? cause like... 'developer' makes sense, but i do writing and music and a lot of the art and stuff... idk i think it's fine. actually hold on [scribbling noises] there... "CEO of Corru Works Global Holdings LLC"... oh yeah... NOW we're talkin
close-ups of the mysterious green supporter gems in various locations
the mysterious second off-palette color... what does it mean....

it'll generate a little spinning shiny glyph using 3 letters from your display name (first, center, and last letter) and combining them! also, while you're subscribed, your glyph will also show up in the system menu in the new system information area

a screenshot of the system menu with a bunch of fictional system information, followed by credits (similar to above) and fundfriend glyphs

oh yeah... we reworked the system menu a bit too!! you'll see that when EP3ADD1 is up!

anywaay, i don't want to launch the new ko-fi stuff just yet, because it'd feel weird to be like, "hey fellas i know the update's running later than expected and i don't have a date for you yet, but here's a new subscription service " - plus it kinda relies on this new system menu/credits update too...

so for now it's just me talking about it! ok bye! yipeee w waw8uy9y0y tp;.egiubhjmdfkzvcn,