Oden, The Flast

pt2 of the engoodening update

non-numbered update… numba 2!!!

greetings ye purveyors of the works… the odening is here at last! (i named it oden instead cause then it’s four letters like engo… cool)

you can view the changes that oden brings with it here! it’s smaller than Engo, but still has stuff we wanted to do to make the world feel a little bit more alive, and generally just round out different parts of the site!

wasn’t this supposed to be out last month? why did it take so much longer if it has less stuff than engo?

I pivoted to working on EP4 for a little while, because I looked at the calendar and my brain went “holy shit it’s been almost a full year since EP3.” so in order to stay sane, I started drafting and coding parts of EP4!

and to great effect, actually! we have it fully drafted story/dialogue wise, and its new core systems have been prototyped to a state where we’re like “yes, this will be sick >:)”. so, oden was delayed, but this was still a net gain - as a solo writer/coder, sometimes you just have to zigzag a bit to keep moving at full speed!

speaking of which, since I have you here, let’s also chat about Da 2024 Plan so far!!

Da 2024 Plan Update

Engoodening - Q2

this was a success, even if it spilled a teensy bit past Q2!

EP4 Cycle - Q3

formerly I anticipated EP4 being "early Q3", but this is actually looking more like an August release. that's a few months off from the original estimate, mainly because our ideas for EP4 ended up changing over time before we landed on something we really liked.

still, like I said, we already have it fully drafted and its core system is working nicely - over the next few months, it'll mainly just be a process of putting it together! so I'm pretty confident in the 'August' estimate

i know it's kind of a corruhead famine out there, but this is really necessary - the end of the collapse is a big deal, so we gotta make sure we do it right!

New Merch - ???

we've got new designs, we've bought art from artists new and old, and so our next drop is pretty much decided and it's gonna have some cool stuff!

but we still have to get test garments, photos, and make sure the cool stuff is actually good! so this will be in the next few months, too - probably before EP4 comes out.

ok :p... OK :b bye :-^ ok bye... see u later...