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.observer - oden0: to oden the engo 06-07-2024


  • added random events
    • a few aren’t available to firefox users until FF127 is out because otherwise they blow up the renderer LOL
  • someone minor but new can be retrieved


  • little nodes appear next to each cache to visibly show you what they offer
  • some iteration revisions with little downside now have (relatively high) caps to how many times you can take them, gradually forcing you to engage with the more chaotic ones if you choose to loop an obscene number of times. if this sucks and isn’t fun I’ll undo it, but it better embodies the “insane escalation” that you’d expect
  • the final sequence can now be replayed
  • various starting parameters can now be adjusted
  • one new cache modifier has been added for each humor
  • two new augments have been added for utility actions that were missing them


  • the “Discovery” focus scene has had some awkward wording adjusted to help with understanding (no major changes, it just bugged me how hard it was to really understand why it’s a big deal)
  • there are now less ‘fodder’ enemies in the first part of the collapse because they were kinda pointless


  • certain statuses now decrement on turn end to make more sense (i.e. focused), sources/amounts given have been adjusted
  • attack/stat handling has been updated so it should generally run waaay better (especially in EP3ADD2)


  • visual tweaks - some old/early and messy graphics have been slightly updated and had their GIF crust shaved off
  • fundfriend sigils now look a bit different to help with readability/menu size (because there are so many of you!!) - the old styling is still used on corru.works though
  • various little dialogue continuity fixes
  • lots and lots of definitions fixes